A Holiday Motel is a family owned and operated business. So let us introduce our family!

Rob was born in Peoria, Illinois and raised in both Illinois and Palm Beach County, Florida. Prior to A Holiday Motel, he was employed by a hotel management and development company for 15 years that kept him traveling the eastern US. He had the pleasure of working in many different locations including as far north as Bar Harbor, Maine and as far south as Key West, Florida. It was while working with this company that he met the woman of his dreams, Gabi. The most valuable things to him are his relationship with God and his family. Rob enjoys many activities like motorcycling, travel, martial arts, hiking/camping and snowboarding. There isn't enough time in the day for him as he is always into something and isn't afraid of trying new things.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Gabi was born in the Czech Republic, Europe (formerly, Czechoslovakia). As a young woman she choose to travel to the USA, and ultimately decided this was where she wanted to be. She too was employed by the same company that Rob worked with and that is how they met. Although she has great pride in her roots in the Czech Republic, she made the decision to become an American citizen and so she proudly calls herself an American today. She has worked most of her life in the hospitality industry and has a passion for serving others. She also enjoys working in real estate and web design which helps in the success of our business. Gabi has a lot of energy and is very competitive and uses it in hobbies like playing & coaching sports, motorcycling, going to the gym and snowboarding. Those who know her will agree it's an easy claim that family is the single most important thing in her life.

Rob and Gabi have been blessed with two amazing boys; Samuel, born in 2003 and Jacob, born in 2005. Undoubtedly, during your visit you'll see one or both of them as they are as much a part of A Holiday Motel as we are. Their enjoyment in meeting and playing with the children that visit A Holiday Motel and has often led them to ask us, "Which of our friends are coming this weekend?" Both were born in South Florida and were very young when we moved to Maggie Valley, NC. It was because of our desire to raise them in a smaller community that we are here in Maggie Valley, NC. We vacationed here, and like many others before us, knew that this is where we wanted to be. With the move to the mountains in 2007 and the purchase of our "Mom and Pop Motel", we decided to do for ourselves what we had been trained to do; provide outstanding hospitality to "OUR GUESTS" at A Holiday Motel. Some of the richest blessings we've been awarded are the lasting friendships created through getting to know our customers. We love to hear them say, "We are back home!" when we see them every year....year after year. We are passionate for the care of our customers as they are our most valuable asset!
God has been so very kind to bless us with the chance to live in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.
May He too bless us with the chance to serve your lodging needs and build a lasting friendship!
Hope to see you soon!

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